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IJCISComputing and Information Sciences is a peer reviewed journal that is committed to timely publication of original research, surveying and tutorial contributions on the analysis and development of computing and information science. The journal is designed mainly to serve researchers and developers, dealing with information and computing. Papers that can provide both theoretical analysis, along with carefully designed computational experiments, are particularly welcome. The journal has now five years of existence and the number of received submissions exceeded all expectations. The journal editorial board works very hard to maintain the high standard of the journal.



The journal topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following: Information Engineering, Mathematical Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Optimizations, Combinatorics, Fuzzy and Symbolic Logic, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, E-Learning, E-Commerce, M-Learning, Knowledge Representation, Pattern Recognition, Algorithms, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Graph Theory.


Researchers and practitioners pursuing investigations in the areas of information engineering, computations, and applications.

Referencing - Indexing - Abstracting

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Submission Instructions

Authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original work written in good English that has neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by, other journals. They are encouraged to submit their papers electronically via email directly to the journal secretary  in one of the following formats: PDF or MS-Word 2003. The final version (Camera Ready) should be submitted in MS-Word 2003 and according to the following template MS-Word2003 Sample. Author (s) should include with their submission a letter addressed to the editor-in-chief showing briefly the main findings of their paper along with a list of keywords. The letter should also mention clearly that the authors of accepted papers will abide by the rules of the journal and commit themselves to pay the requested charges whenever they receive the notification. The submitted file should be named with the first author' name followed by the submission date. For instance <ALNajjar-Dec-12-2008>. The authors should indicate their scientific ranks and positions. It would be highly appreciated to include a brief CV of 1-2 pages showing the main publications of the author (s). A copyright form should be signed and sent to the journal secretary whenever the paper is accepted for publication in the journal.

Special Issues

Our guest editors can choose any topic of their interest related to the scope of the journal and request the editor to publish a special issue on that topic.

Publication and Notification

The journal is published 2-3 times per year with distribution to librarians, universities, research centers, researchers in computing, mathematics, and information science. Three issues make one volume. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies in order to publish papers of only the highest quality. The refereeing is done by anonymous Reviewers. Often, reviews take four months to six months to obtain, occasionally longer, and it takes an additional several months for the publication process. The journal contacts only the authors of papers receiving three positive reports. If the authors are not contacted within a period of 6 months from the date of the submission, their paper will not be considered for publication in the journal. The journal will be available on-line and the papers will be accessible to potential users to read and download. 

Publication Charges

Accepted papers will be published as Open Access for $US500. This amount covers the processing charge and payable once the paper is accepted.


All communications regarding submitting papers, review reports, notification and payment should be addressed to the journal secretary.

The Journal Secretary
Eng. Dana Bandok
Ontario, Canada 

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