Performance Modeling of a Power Management/Control System


Reda Ammar, Howard Sholl and Ahmed Mohamed

University of Connecticut , U-2155

Computer Science and Engineering Department

371 Fairfield Road

Storrs , Connecticut 06269-2155 - USA





Abstract: This paper develops a performance model for a class of soft real time systems. The incentive came from a specific commercial system; however the resulting model can have other applications. The model incorporates a set of properties that are not all common in prior models such as a queueing network with a polled serving pattern, programmable priority levels, multiple message classes, network-load-dependent multiple service, and a subset of queues with direct feedback. The analytical model can estimate performance parameters for both the overall queuing network and its specific queues. The model can be used to aid design decisions at an early stage, and can be used for later system calibration and diagnosis. Both the performance model and a sample application are described.